How Michael Scott embodies my life as front-end developer

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After having had a briefing at work and a collegeau asks if I understood everything

After receiving feedback from a client

When hearing we also have to support IE8

When the client asks if you're sure

When listening to feedback from the client

When the client says it's ok after testing once

When it works on IE

When somebody proposes to use Wordpress

When there are no JS errors for the first time

When the project gets round 50 feedback

When taking over code from another front-ender

Using jQuery plugins without customzation

When the client says they can do it themselves with a builder

When asked if you dropped a feature

When asked who will fix the browser compatible bug

When asking feedback from friends

When looking at what's left when the client is done

When the client asks for your full attention

When client come with organised feedback

When forced to work with others

When asked what you think of another front-enders code

When somebody feedbacks your workflow

When the client admits you did a good job

When the client asks when it will be done